Enviornment Planning Group Limited

The Name Spells Purity

Environment Planning Group Ltd (EPGL): Launched in 1984 targeting to extend consulting/execution, EPGL services covered land, water, energy, forestry, agriculture, etc. In course of its evolution EPGL launched Master-key range of TCS packaged software in Gujarat in 1988. Its full time team members were worked as subject management expert on numerous World Bank Aided Consulting assignments in Ground Water Modeling, Drip irrigation, Salinity ingress, Reservoir Fisheries, Socio Economic Infrastructure in Urban areas, etc.

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Dedicated to safe drinking Water - on the Earth, under the Sky, Fire within and an Air of confidence


Environment Planning Group Limited (EPGL) is a for-profit entity, thriving on nominal surplus generated by cost cutting by enhancing project scales maintaining cost-plus pricing for our products/services. At EPGL, CSR is a non-charity model.

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Having identified target community (village) eligible for CSR support by the sponsors, we approach them with one obvious and confirmed problem – waterborne diseases – with our affordable drinking water initiative.

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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to bring about overall social good by resorting to multiple pronged strategies with an area approach to development hitting at as many problems with a view to solve them on a near long term basis.

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Expertise & experience

  • Drinking water
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Dairying
  • Health and family welfare
  • Urban planning
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